Zhaky Productions2019-03-27 11:20

Zhaky Productions

A fun little project I made during a short internship at Jensen og Jensen Media. I was inspired by some of the iPod commercials, and wanted to make a small splash-screen to use on personal film projects. The internship was during my study at Media College in Viborg.

Runnok2019-03-27 11:10


A small 2D animation

Is a small animation I did on 1st semester of Medialogy together with 6 other guys. We borrowed a cabin in the woods, brought our computers and some cases of beer, and then we sat there for one week, with almost no sleep and just drawing and animating.

Naturmødet2019-03-27 11:05


The video is in Danish. It describes three techincal approaches to implementing the application for Naturmødet. Naturmødet is a "festival" (of sorts) hosted by Hjørring commune in Denmark. I worked with them during a course (called U-CrAc group 16) on my masters program (Interactive Digital Media). Our task was to solve some of the problems they faced before, during and after the event, with a digital solution.

This video illustrates the final concept for the application for Naturmødet. My primary task in this production was making GUI art using Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

First 3D modelling and animation2019-03-27 10:45

First 3D modelling and animation

I started by drawing a spitfire from top and side perspective using whatever reference pictures I could find on the internet. I then started shaping/modelling it in Maya. Finally I animated it into a pre-made scene. Apart from the model, I remember being super proud of the animation of the landing gear.

Bachelor project2019-03-27 09:05

Bachelor project

Gamification tool for primary schools

Through a participartory design apporach we designed the prototype of a gamification tool, that would allow primary school teachers to use gamification in the classroom. We ended up having a partially functional webapp as seen in the video. My primary focus in the project, was on the collaboration with the teacher, and through that gathering data for use in the design. I was also part of every other process.