This site is currently under construction

This website is my online curriculum vitae, portfolio and place to share my knowledge and experience on different topics. It is made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap is primarily used for the sake of making the site responsive, otherwise I create all modules myself and style most elements as well.

The plan
Overall I plan to make this site using the BEM method, and therfore create all parts of the site as modules. On the main page (being this one), I want there to be a news-feed of sorts, that shows the most recents "blogs" (being both projects and blogs). I may remove the Contact page, as I already have a link to my e-mail adresse, otherwise it'll be a page with a contact form.

  • The menu slideshow should display a short description of the content on the different pages.
  • Newsfeed on the Main page showing the most recent additions (blogs and projects).
  • A comment module to fit in with e.g. my blog modules.
  • Add content from my old site (both projects and blogs).
  • Add a login feature, possibly with some funny way to open it.